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Who I AM

Hello, powerful cosmic soul! I am very grateful for your divine presence here.


I am Olive. I have always been called to help other cosmic beings incarnated on Earth as far back as I can remember. I remember our celestial home and I am always there/here.

I am trained in shamanic energy medicine techniques, stress management, professional relaxation therapy and life coaching. I provide spiritual development and business development support for business entrepreneurs so that they can be of the greatest service to the world.


On the spiritual development side, this support includes coaching and healing to facilitate reconnecting with who you truly are and empowering yourself to fulfill your soul purpose and live your mission:

  • Intuitive reading: Cosmic information about topics of interest can be accessed on your behalf regarding events in the past, present, or future, or in the zero point, the heart of all potentials.

  • Energy work: Energy intervention through healing, DNA correction and removals/extractions of entities both human and non-human as well as implants and imprints can be done on your behalf.

  • Facilitation: Connection/contact with your spirit guides, higher selves, or interdimensional beings in any dimension desired can be facilitated for you to support independent access in the future.

  • Activation/Attunement: A specific form of energy work that supports realignment to one's divine blueprint.

On the business development side, this means clearing emotional and mental blocks to successfully running and growing your own business. I also do project management and spiritual content development, including graphic design and copywriting, so that you can stay focused on doing what you love.


I look forward to empowering you and your sacred practice/business!

My Background

- Starchetype Certified Practitioner

The Starchetype Mystery School (2023)

- Quantum Life Coach

Hay House (2023; in progress)

- Certified Book of Life Coach

Deborah King Center (2023)

- Certified Guide to the Inner Realm

Deborah King Center (2023)

- Chios Master of Healing Consciousness

The Chios Institute (2020)

 - Certified Spirit Guide Coach

Deborah King Center (2019)

 - Shamanic Energy Medicine

The Four Winds Society Light Body School of Energy Medicine (2019)

 - Life Coaching Certificate

International Career College (2014)

 - Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

De La Salle University (2011)

 - Diploma in Meridian Psychotherapy

The School of Natural Health Sciences (2010)

 - Diploma in Stress Management

The School of Natural Health Sciences (2010)

 - Diploma in Professional Relaxation Therapy

The School of Natural Health Sciences (2010)

 - Reiki Master Teacher

Healing Hands Academy (2010)

 - Chios Master Teacher

The Chios Institute (2009)

 - Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher (2007)

 - Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Ateneo de Manila University (1997)

  • Energy work

    1 hr 15 min

    300 US dollars
  • Quick Quantum Support

    30 min

    150 US dollars
  • 2-2.5 hours of instruction, activation & practice

    2 hr 30 min

    600 US dollars
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