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Come get the multidimensional support you need in The Village!

Only $50 per week in the spirit of sacred economics, as instructed by Spirit



What is The Village? 
The Village is about unlimited access to your multidimensional soul support system facilitated by me, Olive, your guide.

It’s a 12-month group healing, coaching and mentoring program by subscription designed to facilitate and support self-healing to heal and embody your wealthy, radiant soul so you can magnetize the relationships, the money, the work, the everything of your dreams. It restores the pristine integrity of your human body and earthly life according to the divine design of your soul blueprints to give you back your innate magnetism for the best that life has to offer.
The Village is:

  • a sacred space for awakened souls who want continuous support for their spiritual journey in a loving online community

  • a bridge between Heaven and Earth that supports you in practical ways including unlimited remote healing requests as often as you need

  • an accessible channel of the vast multidimensional spectrum of healing and love dedicated to you in the form of modules of multidimensional techniques and tools to empower you and your own work in whatever field/domain

Only $50/week gets you in!* You can stop at any time but you can’t resubscribe for a year if you leave.


In The Village, you get: 

  1. Weekly self-healing content to restore and realign you to your divine design

  2. My Andromedan augur’s multidimensional perspective on/reading of anything and everything focused through the lens of freedom, sovereignty and the embodiment of unconditional love as the ultimate freedom

  3. Channeled answers from your multidimensional soul support team (Spirit Animals, Power Animals, Ancestors, Guides, Lineage Elders and Cosmic Teachers, Kindred and Allies) about anything and everything to get confirmation or make sense of what you already know or sense

  4. Weekly live group Q&A-Coaching-Mentoring Calls

  5. My cosmic Blueprint Technician’s healing expertise through weekly group distance healings for wellness and soul mission clarity and alignment 

  6. Unlimited personal distance healings requested through the forum (15 minutes of distance healing per request)

  7. Unlimited remote coaching all done publicly in the forum to help you take your next step to overcoming your challenges 


Our goal for the next 12 months is to nurture your living light as your innate magnetic self as you develop the empowering habit of living by your divine design, a journey of healing yourself with a simple step-by-step process of reorienting your body, mind and spirit as the multidimensional powerhouse you truly are.

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Subscribe to The Village group coaching and healing program on a weekly basis for 12 months. Get weekly healing support, accountability and Q&A plus access to self-healing guides inside a private Facebook group.


We commit to living by our divine design as spiritual beings embodied as our highest light here on Earth. We gather in sacred community as one heart as the individuated expressions of Love in action.

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